Configure Python when SNAP was downloaded with a SNAP build?


I want to use the SNAP API from Python. I’ve used it before by installing the SNAP toolbox and then configure Python to use the SNAP-Python interface and this worked well.

However I run into problems when I use the SNAP build instead of the installation. How do you configure it then?

Instead of the normal “snap-install-dir” I now have three directories: “s1tbx”, “snap-desktop”, “snap-engine”. Therefore I cannot find the “bin/snappy-conf”- file.

Regards Peder.

This is not easily doable but you can modify the file.
This is a screenshot of the file after I have modified it, with the changes highlighted.

In senbox I have checked out all the projects for snap.
snap_home is actually set in the snappy.ini but we can overwrite it here.
The property snap.clusters defines all the clusters (module groups).
The complete strings looks like this


I haven’t tested it exhaustively. But it worked for a quick test.