Configuring python with SNAP

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install snappy on a Windows 10 64bit machine - Python3.4

I have attached what I get when running the below and the corresponding log.

Any help is much appreciated


ps: anything to do with jpy? I am sure this might be one of the problems but the log says that a variable was not defined. If I change this and re-run the steps it overwrites the changes

snappyutil.log (914 Bytes)

Hi everyone,

Took sometime but eventually resolved it.

I followed the instructions to install jpy from Jpy Site after installing the pre-requisites and setting the new environment variables.

In my case the pre-requisites were:

  • Python 3.3 or higher (3.2 may work as well but is not tested)
  • Oracle JDK 7 or higher (JDK 6 may work as well)
  • Maven 3 or higher
  • Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1 or higher

I was having problems setting up the env variables as per instructions (by cmd) so ended up doing it from the Advanced System Settings - Form directly.

I hope this can be useful for others having similar problems


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I will check of it works for me