Consequences of polarimetric speckle filtering on C2 matrix

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I have a question on the implication of polarimetric speckle filtering on a C2 matrix (i.e. from an S1 SLC), specifically in times series application.

In the attached Lecture notes by the esteemed Pottier, Lee & Ferro-Famil, bottom of pg.16, the subheading “Consequences of polarimetric speckle filtering”

…is described how a polarimetric filtering ‘decouples’ phase from canonical scattering mechanisms.

If understand correctly, this means that polarimetric methods such as h-alpha decomposition & classification are not sensible as the phase is no longer related to a specific scattering mechanism (please correct me if I have misunderstood).

I generally like using the polarimetric speckle filter, but I work a lot with time-series, namely change detection, so my question is, are two C2 matrices still comparable after pol-spk filtering? Or is the phase altered inconsistently.

I am hoping that if the phase alteration is consistent, then relative comparison between images still holds, even though absolute comparison to scattering mechanism is not.

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That is a good question butI am not able to answer it, sorry.
(thought I still answer as you mentioned me in the question).

No worries, Thanks for answering anyway