Conversion between geotiff and CEOS format

I have a large set of ALOS2-PALSAR2 scenes in geotiff format (level 1.5 georeferenced, rather than geocoded). I need to be able to geocode these scenes, but all the software options I’ve tried can only work with CEOS format. We don’t have the possibility to re-order in CEOS format due to budget constraints. Is there a way to convert from geotiff to CEOS format? I’ve had a look at gdal_translate options, but I can’t find a method to do this yet. Otherwise is there any opensource software that can geocode this format of data? Thanks for any help with this.

as documented in this table, CEOS cannot be created by gdal drivers:
The problem is that Level 1.5 GeoTiff data only contains backscatter intensity while the CEOS SAR format stores the complex information (real and imaginary part) of a SAR acquisition. This information cannot be restored from later processing levels.

The only other open source programs I know are ASF MapReady and GITASAR, but both only take CEOS data as well.

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