Conversion of Sentinel 2 L1C data to L2A

Actually, L2A data for my area of interest is not available on the portal for the whole year. How can I convert L1C products into L2A Products? I have downloaded SNAP 7 software. Can I do it using this software? IF yes kindly share the tutorials with me, please. I will appreciate a detailed answer as i am new to SNAP software.Thanks

You install sen2cor from the plugins menu and apply it to your L1C data to get L2A

I have tried to instal sen2cor 2.8 in SNAP 7 but failed…please tell me the correct method?

have a look at these instructions: Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0
They were written for SNAP 6.0 and sen2cor 2.4.0 but are the same for SNAP 7.0 and sen2cor 2.5.5.

Bro I did exactly what you asked in your message but my sen2cor 2.8 or 2.5 version did not install on SNAP 7…please help me out in this thing by giving me some time on my computer if you be kind enough to

At which point do you struggle?
Do you get an error message?

Yes I run the sen 2 cor processor it says critical error…L2A product cannot be created

Bro if you can give me ten minutes on Team Viewer to install sen2cor on my computer yourself

I will be very grateful to you

that sounds like the installation was fine but the processing failed for some reason.
Can you post screenshots here how you start and applied sen2cor to the L1C data?