Conversion to radiance for L1C level does not work with newest data


Conversion to radiance for Sentinel 2 L1C level does not work with the newest data format after the last modification of baseline data processing (data after 25-01-2022). After running the process (SNAP 8.0 main menu - Optical/Preprocessing/Reflectance to radiance) nothing can be done after pressing the Run button (the program is up to date).
I use tile S2A_MSIL1C_20220214T100121_N0400_R122_T33UXU_20220214T120736.
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Moved into s2tbx category, since it’s S2 related. We will take a look.

At first sight, it works for us using the product you specified:

Are you doing other steps before? Is there an error displayed after pressing Run?