Convert .mat file for use in SNAP

Hello! I want to know that can I convert the .mat file of an airborne radar image to format so that can I post process it in SNAP? If yes then what fields of meta data are required for it? any tutorial available on this topic? @ABraun , @marpet can you guide me on this please?

I’m afraid this is not possible, because *.manifest is the standard of Copernicus / Sentinel-1 data and includes distinctive folder and metadata structure besides the actual raster data. These are required to process data in SNAP (e.g. radiometric calibration, terrain correction).
If you only have the raster information you can try to export it as a *.tif file or *.img and load it into SNAP but the software won’t recognize the metadata information (incidence angle, acquisition date, sensor etc.)

@ABraun sir, I have metadata as well but it is not in some standard SAR product format. Can some other standard SAR product (which can be post processed in SNAP) be formed from raster and meta data info?
Because if I open .tiff file in SNAP many built-in functions are only available for standard SAR products

I don’t think you can restore the metadata for image files so that SNAP accepts them as original products. Sorry to say.

Thank you for the guidance