Converter from N1 to hdf (ENVIView, pds2hdf)

Dear all,

I’m looking for the old tool able to convert Meris N1 file to hdf (I have a not-working distribution, It is the pds2hdf inside the suite called ENVIView).

Specifically I will be very grateful if someone knows any kind of tool/software/library (python?) that emulated the behavior of that converter (I need EXACTLY the hdf with the same properties).

I’m trying to install the package using (an internal backup) EnviInstall.bin (linux) but the very old version of Java and the changing of linux architecture (x64) gives me a failure during the process.


Maybe this version here at the altimetry toolbox is what you are looking for:
4.16 EnviView – Radar Altimetry Tutorial and Toolbox

I don’t see any kind of valid download link in the page. :frowning:

Trying with pdf and checking there is an not useful redirection to (Home - Earth Online)

I tried with mail support, thanks.