Converting data to another format

I carried out terrain correction in SNAP and done few mathematical operation in math band then I converted the whole product into .bin format so that I can work it out in MATLAB. But when I checked the pixel values after processing the same step in MATLAB that I carried out in SNAP, it gives me the different values.
When I opened the product in ENVI it matches with MATLAB output. Does this mean that converting the sentinel file into .bin file affects the pixel value?

I’m not sure I follow the steps you took. You exported the data using which writer? ENVI?
If you open the exported data in ENVI then it matches Matlab. Where are the values different and between what?

I got the solution. When we export product from SNAP to Polasar format(.bin), it adds random rows and columns in the exported product. In my case it was 1 row and 1 column. I verified this by checking the pixel value. In fact, this happens whenever you try to export the sentinel product to any other format. Akshay PatilIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay