Converting *.dim (Like interferogram) to *.phs file format

I am using GACOS to eliminate the atmospheric effects from my interferograms. In order to perform that I should convert the *.dim format to *.phs . If any one has experience in this way, please share it with me.


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This some instructions to use GACOS but I still didn’t use it.

To use the GACOS correction method, at first, you should order the files using this website:
Please fill the boxes in the website based on your dataset time and dates and extent of your study area. It will be better to consider the boundary covered all your datasets.

Then, you need to write a code to convert your IFGs into the format compatible with the GACOS code to read and apply the correction automatically.
GACOS_ReadMe.pdf (478.0 KB)

You can get the GACOS codes on the website I mentioned above.

Thanks Falahfakhri for your helpful reply,
It should be mentioned that I already have received the desired results (delay map) for my study area form the GACOS website, and read the ReadMe.pdf document, as well. But I do not understand how to convert my interferograms’ format (extracted from SNAP) to the grid binary format (*.phs which the GACOS MATLAB code requires to be executable). If anyone has performed in Python or MATLAB please share it here, thanks in advance…

the best one could answer here and has used before is @SMJ.Mirzadeh

Hi everyone,
I’m stucked in the same problem with the conversion from *.dim to *.phs.
@PeymanPython could you find a solution in the end?
Thanks a lot!!!


Hello! Did you resolve the conversion problem in the end?
Now I have the same problem and can’t find any solution…


Hi everyone, @Vileda, @Magda, @PeymanPython, @falahfakhri

I got the same problem with the conversion from *.dim to *.phs , for the use of GACOS

could you find a solution ???

Thanks a lot


hi @falahfakhri. I’ve tried to request the GACOS data from that website, and they have sent the link download to my email. but when I’m trying to download the FTP link, I have to choose an application to download it. Could you tell me how can I download the GACOS data from the FTP link? Thank you

Chrome blocks ftp links so I managed to download it using Microsoft Edge. You also try doing same.

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The link isn’t working now

I’m sorry I don’t have clue now it’s long time ago.

If you could give us some hints, would be much appreciated. How do we identify the reference point of the interferogram where the phase measurements are acquired in order to use it for time and space differing, and if possible, which program used to subtract the total delay maps ajd interferograms?