Converting IMG file to JPEG or other

I would like to know if we can find a software to convert an IMG file from a BEAM DIMAP folder in a photo format. Here is my problem after a treatment with Graph Builder and the creation of BIOPHYSICAL folder (lai, lai cab, lai cw) SUBSET (B1.B2 and other tapes) If I want to use them with QGIS, the calculations with the raster calculator do not work (GDAL layer invalid). As I can not export them to GEOTIFF BIG for example after processing with Graph Builder because the layers are all assembled, I would like once the files created to convert them into a photo format well recognized by GDAL
thanks for everything and waiting for an answer


in fact the raster format used by BEAM-DIMAP is a generic raster format (ENVI), so it should be supported by QGIS or GDAL.
In any case, if you want to export the images to other format, you can do it in SNAP. If I have understood correctly your problem is that you have all the bands in the same product and you want them separately. For doing that you can apply the Raster ->Subset operator or the Raster->DataConversion->Band Select in order to generate a product only with the desired bands and finally export it.

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good evening
yes it is well when i use the IMG file in QGIS the image is displayed without problem but when i want for example added two layers raster the raster calculator m displays an error message (error loading result layer with a problem line 77 and line 186), so I will test the manipulation you advised me and thank you for your answer