Converting S2 Data Downloaded from Amazon S3 to Reflectance with Sen2cor

Has anyone successfully converted S2-L1C data downloaded from Amazon S3 to reflectance? I need to download a lot of S2 data so the ESA site is too slow for my needs. S2 bands downloaded from S3 are named differently and have a different metadata file—I’m wondering if those issues can be addressed to allow for converstion to L2A with sen2cor. Thanks for your help in advance!


S2-L1C products are already with reflectances.
If you need to perform atmospheric corrections with Sen2Cor and Amazon S3 data, then yes, it is possible.
Please see this post in relation with how you can download S2-L1C products / data from Amazon S3 into SAFE format.
I have recently used such a downloaded product for input into Sen2Cor and the processing went OK.