Copenicus ESA catalog and InSAR analysis

I was in discussion with support the topic is
Is it possible to use Copercicus Sentinel data access Opendata API in the product library of SNAP: there is a big benefit since we can make advanced anaylsis of S1 InSAR geometry BEFORE download. So the benefit is that we an et better estimates and moreover optimize Copercinus download bandwidth by downloading what is stricly necessary with right InSAR geometry.
Normally it should be possible to use only the metadata through an URI and Copernicus catalog data access though URI => then the user can easily select and analyse InSAR geometry and time baselines BEFORE data access.
I strongly believe that will be a great step into SNAP workflow and a much optimized way to access Copernicus collaborative resource for users community.

Pls check the benefit:
I found this resource on the Sentinel data hub:

See the download section and in particular:

In particular the download:

Download manifest file from
  the UUID
To download manifest file
  from the UUID the syntax is:

      <ServiceRootUri> /Products('UUID')/Nodes('Filename')/Nodes('')/$value

All the best, Arnaud