Copernicus DEM and new Global DEMs support in SNAP

Dear @mengdahl @marpet @lveci,

After the release of the new Copernicus DEM (hi-res and low-res) or other Global DEMs (ALOS AW3D30 among others), I would like to ask if SNAP is planning to integrate them directly as done with SRTM1 or 3 arcs (auto downloadable) or GETASSE30. Is this in the SNAP development timeline?

I know that some DEMs have special data policies but the low-resolution Copernicus DEM (90m) for example is free.

I am also aware that individual users can use external DEMs that may satisfy format type (GeoTIFF) and projection (WGS84). But is it a limit on the spatial resolution supported by SNAP?
In the past (some years back) DEMs with a very high spatial resolution found issues.

I look forward to reading your answers.


That’s a mega +1 from me

Yes Copernicus DEM is in the plans, in auto-downloadable way.


This is for the 90m DEM I supposed. Any way to make it for public services convenient to also use the 30m or 10m versions?

Are there any updates on this front? Looking forward to this integration

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