Copernicus Sentinel-2A Data Unavailability

Hello, every now and then there is an announcement of Copernicus Sentinel-2A Data Unavailability, for example here: Open Access Hub.

Here is the full announcement:

A Collision Avoidance Manoeuvre executed on Sentinel-2A on 4 March 2023 required a last minute update on the initial acquisition plan and induced the following unrecoverable loss of data:

Datatake S2A-40198-1, S2A-40199-1 and S2A-40200-1 are partially lost
Datatake S2A-40198-2 is completely lost

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to your activities

My question is - what does Datatake S2A-40198-1 (and the others) mean? can I link it to a certain geography/country/continent? how can I know if my area of interest was affected by this data loss? is there geojson/kml file which I can use for that purpose?

I find that a day or so after the event you can see the missing Datatakes using the EO Browser. For example on the 4 March 2023 the datatake ending on the island of Sardinia was missing:

This doesn’t give you the number of the Datatake but you can see what has been lost. If you pan but don’t zoom-out you can explore the extent of that loss.

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Thanks, but this means I have to look at the entire globe to understand that. There must be a more efficient way.
Also, what do the numbers after S2A mean? for example, what does 40198-1 in S2A-40198-1 mean?

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40198 could be the absolute orbit number and the -1 could mean the first datatake for that orbit. But I haven’t checked that.

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Hi, thanks for trying to help, but I’d appreciate it if some “official” can answer that.


For an official answer you could ask the scihub support at:

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Thanks, I’ll try that