Copy-paste SNAP from one PC to another


I am stuck behing a proxy company and it has been impossible to make SNAP work with the appropriate proxy configuration. I have tried several options and nothing.

I need to work on the latest SNAP realease (v.9.0.1) and I am wondering if it would make sense to download and install SNAP on a regular computer our of the proxy (Windows machine) and then copy paste the software into the PC (also Windows) in which I really need to work.

Does this makes sense? If so, any advice?


Yes, this is possible.
What is important is that you not only copy the installation directory but also the SNAP folder which is located in <USER_DIR>\AppData\Roaming
This contains the updated modules.

@marpet thanks.

I have copied the snap folder where all the bin, etc, folders are:

And also the one you suggested:


In the PC in which I have copied it, I have already SNAP 8. Where should I install it to avoid conflicts? Do I need to change any env path variable? or I can for example call GPT with the absolute path and it will go to the right snap installation?

Using two versions of SNAP is currently not possible without conflicts.

okay, will delete snap8 before running the other. Thanks