Coregistration stripmap cosmo images (shift)

Dear Luis Veci, I have a problem with snap coregistration of two StripMap CosmoSkymed. I used 2000 as the number of GCP and 0.001 as RMS threshold and this is the result. This is a RGB stack .

I don’t think this is a good coregistration, I notice a right shift. I can do anything to improve it?

I also wanted to try to perform a stack with envi, but I can’t display the snap terrain corrected images in envi. I tried to export them by snap in envi in various formats, but without results.
Could you help me to solve these problems? Or, there is someone who has had the same issues?
Thanks to anyone will answer.

You may need larger correlation windows. At the risk of making you processing slower, increase the coarse window size and number of GCP.

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Thank you for the quick reply Luis Veci. Ok, I can try, but can you say exactly the values of the coarse window and the number of GCP? Thank you so much.