Coregistration will save broken file of slave 1 while number of image in stack is exceed 3

Dear SNAP develop team,

I have an issue when I process TerraSAR-X data using coregistration graph.
After coregistration with several images, the slave 1 would save only a tile into the file, while all other slaves are saving normally.
here are some images of this problem from different stack process by different PCs.
Master image: Subset_TSX1_SAR_SSC_SM_S_SRA_20211013T215649_20211013T215658_Ovr_1_Stack_Intensity_HH_mst_13Oct2021

Slave image: Subset_TSX1_SAR_SSC_SM_S_SRA_20211013T215649_20211013T215658_Ovr_1_Stack_Intensity_HH_slv1_13Feb2021

Slave image: Subset_TSX1_SAR_SSC_SM_S_SRA_20211013T215649_20211013T215658_Ovr_2_Stack_Intensity_HH_slv1_03Jun2021

Slave image: Subset_TSX1_SAR_SSC_SM_S_SRA_20211013T215649_20211013T215658_Ovr_4_Stack_Intensity_HH_slv1_11Feb2022

Slave image: Subset_TSX1_SAR_SSC_SM_S_SRA_20211013T215649_20211013T215658_Ovr_Stack2_Intensity_HH_slv1_13Feb2021

Slave image: Subset_TSX1_SAR_SSC_SM_S_SRA_20211013T215649_20211013T215658_Ovr_Stack5_Intensity_HH_slv1_18Apr2022

How to reproduce this issue:
Create a coregistration stack using coregistration operator with at least 3 images, in this case I using TerraSAR-X image. This problem only happen when images are exceed 3, using 2 images to create a stack with only 1 slave will always get normal result, please look at figure below:

The stack[2] is include 5 image while stack[3] is 2, the image 18-Apr-2022, include in both stack, is normal at [3] but abnormal at [2].

I observed this phenomenon starting from version 8.0.x. Because it happen on different PCs and with different dataset, I thought it would be a bug rather than a problem of environment setting of PCs or something wrong in the dataset.

The only way I could fix this problem is to reproduce a new coregistration product with only 2 image, then replace the slave file to origin broken product.

following this topic seems to be a same issue:

I also found that the band q is normal, only i band have this problem, so that intensity have this problem.