While coregistration, I am getting an error i.e., Invalid slave bands. I am unable to add any image in Master band in CreateInSARStack option.

Kindly provide the solution.


Could you describe the input products you are using? Are they over the same area, SLC, etc?

I have a set of four fully polarized RS2 products over the same area at different times and yea they are SLC products.

Hi All,

I am also running into an issue when trying to coregister images. I can successfully coregister a stack of processed images using the CreateStack tool within the SNAP GUI, however, when I try to execute the same step using the gpt command line approach the processing fails with similar “Invalid Master/Slave band” errors. I have tried simply using “gpt CreateStack …”, passing the filenames in and also attempted to use a graph that replicated the successful run but both approaches fail. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate it.