Coregistrations not working correctly

I am using IW SLCs:

I am trying to coregister these using the attached graph (basically: read -> TOPSAR split -> apply orbit file -> back geocode ->range offset ->azimuth offset ->write) but this is not removing the offsets between burts. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can not seem to get past this issue for most of the imagery I am looking at.


coregister_specdiversity.xml (4.4 KB

from where did you get range offset, and azimuth offset there missing in the new version.

It should be equivalent to the “enhanced spectral diversity” step in the new version I believe.

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First of all try to be sure the old version has been totally removed by checking your roaming folder, and try to remove the SNAP, and remove the residuals folder in roaming and then download and install it again, other thing, I think the corr went very well for me, but try to implement the operators directly without the graph and the other issue check your ram and your space, hope this information are useful for you.

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think it is a memory issue. I managed to unwrap 2 interferograms over this region, but for images since November 2015 the coregistration does not work. I applied the operators individually with no graph, and also tried to iterate the spectral diversity step (this is how the problem is overcome in GAMMA) but this is not solving anything. I wonder if anyone from the software development team is able to offer any advice?