Could not load sentinel 2 data through SNAP

I downloaded files (somewhere over India) and tried to open it using SNAP 3 (latest version) but not able to upload it. Tried it through import also but failed whereas I am able to upload one dataset over different area. May some one suggest the reason why this is happening?

I went through earlier messages but could not understand how to find problem in messsages.log file (quite big). My OS is Windows 10.messages.log (214.1 KB)

Thanks in advance.


Is this the only file you have tried? Maybe it got corrupted during the download?
Did you try to unpack it first and open the unpacked product in SNAP?
But the developer of the s2-reader should have a look here too. (@jmalik, @Nicolas)

Thanks for this reply.
I have tried several data files. Surprisingly for few, SNAP works well and I am able to have the data. I always unpack the data file and reads .xml file while reading/importing the data in SNAP. I am not sure how files are getting corrupt during downloading? I am downloading another data of same area (acquired in December 2015) and will respond later if SNAP is able to work with this or not.

This seems to be related to the path to the product. Could you send us the full path to one of the jp2 file in of a product having problem?

I created this issue: SIITBX-202
If possible, it would help to have the full path to the product to reproduce the problem. Thanks in advance.

Dear Nicolas,

Thanks for all your mails regarding the use of SNAP in loading Sentinel 2
data. I tried to use 32bit version of the software on Window XP and it
works fine there. Was able to upload the file. The path of the jp2 file is:
F:\sentinel 1\sentinel-2\new

Thank you, I’m going to try asap. The space in the path might cause a problem (see