Could SNAP process TSX "high resolution spotlight mode" SLC data for Interferometric use?

Hi there.

I am wondering whether SNAP could deal with “high resolution spotlight mode” SLC data of TerraSAR/TanDEM for Interferometric purpose?

I have searched the keyword “spotlight” but only a few messages got, and no such topics.

Could someone offer me some tutorials or instructions on Interferometric processing to the spotlight data of TSX/TDM?

Thanks in advance.


I have already worked with TSX HS data and it works totally fine. However, i am not sure if interferometry is possible because the imaging system is different from the stripmap (SM) mode.

Hi ABraun,

Thanks for your reply! Sorry that I did not state my perpose clearly on this topic and I have already edited it.

From your information, I see it is not Interferometric processing. I am wondering whether SNAP works well with TSX spotlight mode Interferometric processing.

One more question, have you ever tried offset tracking using TSX spotlight data?

as stated here (Interferogram - Spotlight Terrasar-X) interferometry for HS and ST modes is not supported in SNAP, only SM mode.

But Offset Tracking should work if your temporal increments are reasonable.

Thanks for your time and consideration on my topic.

I hope that in the next release of SNAP, there could be some modules that handle HS and ST TerraSAR/TanDEM L1B SLC data interferometry.

For offset tracking, I am using L1B SLC data, should I firstly use the “Complex to Detected GR” function to make amplitude images?

I have checked the “Sentinel offset tracking tutorial”, in this tutorial, the processing starts with Sentinel-1 L1.5 GRD data.

I am not sure whether the offset tracking processing procedure is the same when starting with SLC data. Could you offer some instructions?

you can also try to coregister your SLC data and perform the offset tracking on the slant range images.
If this doesn’t work, I would apply calibration and multi-looking and then coregister the data.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a try :smile: