Could you suggest me a substitute for STAMPS software for performing Persistent Scatterer interferometry (PSI)?

SNAP software offers interferograms stacking for performing PSI on STAMPS and Phase Unwrapping on SNAPHU which both only operate on Linux operating system which is too complicated for a Master’s project. Is there other substitutes for these software to create terrain deformation maps, time series and only requires Windows OS?

I would say this depends on your study area. If you get nice interferograms, you can use a series of them and analyze displacement rates pair by pair.
If you have much decorrelation in your area, persistent scatterer approaches seem unavoidable.

I realize that high coherence produces interpretable interferograms but vegetation and wetlands mostly causes low coherence but my study area is fully a desert terrain yet the interferograms I tried to create weren’t very promising, fringes weren’t very obvious. What is your definition of “Nice interferograms”?

to me good interferograms

  • do not contain noise areas due to decorrelation
  • have clear patterns related to either surface changes or topography
  • in case of DInSAR: do not contain variation caused from atmosphere

Let’s take this as an example: The patterns clearly indicate surface chages in the earthquake area, but do not show larger variations outside

In contrast, this one has clear fringes outside the volcano, but is decorrelated at the slope areas - the information is not usable here.

If your study area is desert, there should be a way to have clear interferograms.

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