Covariance Matrix C2 for Sentinel-1 --Diagonal Elements

According to the PolSAR theory, when we generate the [C2] matrix for a dual-pol mode (e.g. Sentinel-1 VV-VH) the diagonal elements are:
C11 = |VV|^2
C22 = |VH|^2
Nielsen, A.A., Canty, M.J., Skriver, H. and Conradsen, K., 2017, July. Change detection in multi-temporal dual-polarization Sentinel-1 data. In 2017 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) (pp. 3901-3908). IEEE.

However, when we generate the C2 elements in SNAP for Sentinel-1, the values of C11 and C22 is just opposite. I guess, in the source code the development team kept:
C11 = |VH|^2
C22 = |VV|^2

I have cross-checked the values of C11 and C22 bands generated in SNAP against the PolSARPro outputs. It also justifies the fact that SNAP is generating C11 and C22 in the opposite way than the theory.

However, in the case of Compact-pol simulator in SNAP 7.0, the C2 elements are correctly calculated. where,
C11 = |RH|^2
C22 = |RV|^2

Yes. It might be issue in the source code.

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The issue has been tracked by

The problem has been fixed. The fix should be in the next release.

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This issue is now fixed. Thanks SNAP development team.
I have tested on several point targets as well as water surface. Now the C11>C22. A synoptic view is given here for a point target (steel bridge, in red point).

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