Creat stack for many data

Dear friends,

I have almost 500 pre-processed Sentinel-1 data that I plan to stack them. I do not think so, I can do all of them in SNAP software…would you please let me know what is the best way to do it? Anyone try before with python or snappy…? Any guideline to do it…


You don’t mention your platform or what processing you want to do. For simple batch processing operations on NetCDF files using macOS or linux the Climate Data Operators are very useful.

Thanks for reply . I am working on Windows. I did pre-processing over GRD images and results are in geotiff. It is easy to do it in SNAP but now I have many data which I do not think so I can do it in SNAP.
If there is any example in MATLAB or python OR if there is any description about how SNAP does stacking, then it can be helpful. Thanks.

There are huge differences in the resources needed for different workflows. GPT from the command line is often the most efficient approach. You may have to break up a complex graph into smaller segments. Python and Matlab can be efficient but may require considerable programming effort.

You should start with a simple graph to and monitor resource usage with the Windows Task Manager to see if you machine can handle the data.

I dont quite understand “stack”, maybe Try batch processing?
or you can read all your files as a list,then process it in python with snappy?

Good point.

How large is one GeoTiff by the way?