Create a scatterplot with several ROI

Hi! I need some help from SNAP experts. After selecting several training areas (using the “new vector data containing” option) and to perform a supervised classification, I would like to check how well separated these training areas are in the 2D spectral space using two different satellite bands. Is there a way to create a scatter plot showing the clusters of pixels for more than one training area? I would like to see, for instance, how well training areas for different vegetation classes are distributed in the bidimensional space say of bands red and nir (if they overlap, meaning that they are not probably different classes, or not).
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Currently, only one mask can be displayed in the scatter plot at a time, but maybe you can do it the other way round and mask areas in the scatter plot and have them displayed in the image: Scatter plot regions to image space and viceversa

Thank you. I’m aware of that functionality, but I believe it would be worth to plot several training areas in the scatter plot in order to check whether or not they overlap in the special space.

I fully agree. I created a ticket for this:

Thank you so much.