Create a single image from 2 tif


I have 2 tif images that are georeferenced side by side in ARCGIS and I want to merge both into one single image with 3 bands. join band 1 with band 1 and so on. How can I accomplish this in SNAP? Do I create a mosaic or merge them or other solution?


Because the images are side by side it means they have different geocodings (the mapping of pixels to map coordinates). To get them into a common geocoding in one image, you will need to mosaic. The mosaic will create a common geocoding and then resample from each original geocodings into the new common one.

Hello Iveci, after I made the mosaic and using the some Coordinate System from the previous rasters, the mosaic was successfully created, but it went to another place. What did I do wrong? Both rasters has the some coordinate System, and if I try to reproject the mosaic using a raster from before it only show me the side that I choose as example for the Coordinate System.

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