Create a URL for a script

Since short a simple script such as a special NDVI formula can no more be copy/pasted into the script-box of EO-Browser, but only copy/past with a URL just below that box. How such a URL must look like in the case my formula is in a text-file on my desktop.
Thanks for the advice.


I guess you mean the EO Browser of the Sentinel Hub.
You find the related forum here: Forum@Sentinel Hub (
This one is dedicated to SNAP and tool around SNAP.

Dear Mapet, I found some examples of URL, and adapted it to my case, such as
where as c is the disk of my desktop, Test the directory below c and MCI scipt file, reading as follows:
FUNCTION setup() {
return {
input: [“B17”,“B05”,“B03”, “dataMask”],
output: { bands: 4 }
function evaluatePixel(sample) {
return [2.5 * sample.B17, 2.5 * sample.B05,2.5 * sample.B03, sample.dataMask]

And I got only the error message Error loading…
How must the URL look like to have my script introduced in the script box in EO-Browser related to Sentinel-1 to 3 data?
Have I to store it first in your place? How?

I can’t tell you how the URL should look like. I’m not developing the sentinel hub nor am I using it, sorry.
The best would be if you ask your question in the sentinel hub forum.