Create Anaglyph with Sentinel images

Hi everyone, I’m searching in the forum how to create a anaglyph, but isn’t any info about it.

Anyone know how to create a anaglyph image using Sentinel data. Maybe with other soft, not necessary SNAP. ??

Thanks so much.


I’ve done this once in ERDAS IMAGINE.

Hi ABraun, thanks so much for the answer. I will check.

I just checked how I did it last time. It can be found under Terrain tab and requires a DEM and a RGB image:

A tool for anaglyphs in GRASS GIS is described here but it requires to cross your eyes so it’s exhausting to stare at the result for a longer time.

I just found this software which also features anaglyph images:

Again ABraun, thanks so much for your time. I will let you know in the end what I did.