Create C2 matrix using Setninel - 1 data and Sentinel - 1 Toolbox

Dear all, I already tried to use Sentinel - 1 SLC data to create matrix C2. I already tried to debursted it without calibration but I cannot make C2 matrix. I also already tried to calibrate it to complex number but there is no option to calibrate it in complex number and only can be calibrated in Sigma0, Beta0 and Gamma0. Is it possible to calibrate the Sentinel - 1 data using Sentinel -1 Toolbox? Is it possible create C2 matrix using Sentinel - 1 data and Sentinel - 1 Toolbox ? How I supposed to do that?

The same question was posted by me around three weeks ago and then resume a week ago by @joaquimrosa who asked for a proper calibration tool. Unfortunately there are no answer yet. Hope @lveci can help us soon! :smile:

We’ve just added the option to calibrate and still produce complex output. The output band naming will still be i,q,intensity rather than sigma0 to avoid issues with other operators.

With a deburst SLC dual pol S1 product, you should be able to apply dual pol processing (Pol Speckle Filtering, HAlpha Decomposition, Wishart Classifcation). There is no need to run the matrix conversion operator since these operators will automatically convert to C2 as needed.

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Thank you!!

Thank you Iveci for your reply. Can biomass estimated using this SLC dual pol S1 product? Can biomass estimated using C2 matrix or only using only dual pol (maybe with ALOS PALSAR)? I still confuse about it.

I have tried the same procedure as proposed (S-1 IW SLC data -> TOPSAR deburst -> Halpha dual polarimetric decomposition) to decompose polarimetric data, but I get the following error:

Type: OperatorException
Message: Polarimetric-Decomposition:Input should be a polarimetric product

The same erorr shows up if I try to decompose the data in Snap2beta7 or in S1tbx1.1.1.

Jegrix, I’ve just tried TOPS Deburst and H Alpha Dual Pol decomposition and it works fine.
Make sure your SLC product is dual pol and not single pol.

Hi , I have the same problem using an S1 IW SLC dual pol product, in my case when I start the polarimetric Decomposition (H-Alpha Dual Pol) the error is the following:
A problem occurred during processing the target product processing.
Type: OperatorException
Message: Polarimetric-Decomposition: java.lang.NullPointerException

Are you using SNAP beta7?

Yes i’ m using the version .7, I think that the error comes because I used the decomposition classification to the terrain corrected product and not directly to the deburst product. With this order it works: deburst, polarimetric decomposition and then TC.

yes, always terrain correct last.

Unfortunately if you run “split” first in order to save some computing power, than "deburst"and than polarimetric decomposition everything crashes

Yep this issue is still open…

Yes, it did not handle band names from TOPS split products. It should be good now. Thanks.

Hi, I am also trying to compute de Covariance matrix C2. I successfully computed H alpha decomposition and other polaricmetric processings, but I don’t have access to the C2 matrix, is there a way to write it without any post-proceessings ?

Cazals, I’m not sure I see your problem. Did you use the Polarimetric Matrix operator and select C2?

Thank you for your help.
Yes : first I debust the Sentienl-1 SLC data, then I run the “Polarimetric matrix generation” selection C2 matrix. I get the following error message :
A problem occured during the target product initialisation.
Type : OperatorException
Message : Polarimetric-Matrices : C2 cannot be generated for this product

The Polarimetric decomposition is running without problem but this is not what I want, I want the covrariance matrix (C2).

Which product is it? Is it dual pol?

Yes, it’s an SLC Sentinel-1 Dual pol VV/VH (S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20151030T061552_20151030T061619_008378_00BD4A_6804).