Create scripts to correct the images of Sentinel1

Hello! I want to create a script to correct all Sentinel 1 images of my work, in python. How could I do it? Thank you very much for the help

This pretty much depends on what exactly you are planning to do. My first reaction is to say that maybe you won’t need Python because you can use SNAP’s Graph Processing Framework. Tools->Graph Builder and Tools->Batch Processing can help you in setting up a graph. If you insist on using Python you can use the GPF from there, too. But as I said before, what is the best way depends on what exactly you want to do.

Hello! I have to correct more than 40 images with the same parameters for later study, to do it one by one would be a mess. I’m new to all this, so any help would serve me. Thank you very much.

That is what Batch Processing is for: Repeat the exact same steps on a number of products. If you don’t want to use SNAP Desktop, you can also write a script: , but you should be able to achieve your goals with the two tools I mentioned previously.
Let me also link this to you: <- to use SNAP from Python, what you said you’d like to do

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