Create subset from SLC product

Hi! Can anyone tell me how to create subset from SLC product?

Do you mean an S1 TOPS IW or EW SLC? If so, use the TOPS Split operator to subset based on swath and polarization. You cannot currently subset the burst data further.

Does it mean that currently it’s not possible to make a subset of a specific sub-swath of an SLC product (let’s say IW1), using (lat, long)?

Because, when I try to apply the SubsetOp on an SLC product, I get the exception: "Can only create subsets if all rasters are the same size".

I’ve looked for when this exception is thrown:
But I cannot guess which are the rasters used (as I’m giving as input just one Intensity_IW1_VV band), and why they don’t have the same size!

Note that this error occurs when the subset operator is called from the graph, but it doesn’t occur when it is called normally from the GUI.

TOPS SLCs have subswaths of different sizes and the bands themselves are made up of burst data with overlap.
We can’t just use the regular spatial subset to cut out a piece of data.
Use the TOPS Split operator to select the subswath and polarization to sort of ‘subset’ the product by subwath. After debursting a product you may work with it as usual with a spatial subset.

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Hi… After the split and subset can I preform automatic coregistration for multiple SLC splited subsets??

Hello! I also want to work with smaller part of the SLC IW (Sentinel1).
I want to confirm chain of actions:
0) Calibration (I want to compare two scenes)

  2. S-1 TOPS Deburst
  3. Speckle filtering
  4. Polarimetric Matrix Generation
  5. Polarimetric decomposition
    It will be ok?
    Where I should put Terrain Correction?
  1. TOPS Split
  2. Calibration with complex output
  3. TOPS Deburst
  4. Polarimetric Matrix Generation (Not needed since the pol operators will automatically create C2 for dual pol)
  5. Polarimetric Speckle Filter (make sure it’s the polarimetric)
  6. Polarimetric decomposition
  7. Terrain Correction