Create Temporal profile for VV and VH bands of Sentinel 1 data


I have 8 consecutive sentinel 1 images of an area. I have done preprocessing steps to those images. Is it possible to layer stack all the VV bands together and VH bands together ?

Yes, it is possible according to your split in the beginning of your processing to choose for instance IW1 VH, Or VV, in case you have had all the split in VH, you could create stack, within this stack will be only VHand likewise for the VV.

I have done the preprocessing for the whole zip folder (single date) containing both VV and VH band. Then I converted to db format. Should i need to export the VH band and VV band seperately from those?

I don’t know what is the goal of your concatenation procedure, even you didn’t mention anything of that in your first post. Now I didn’t get your point!

My intention is to create a temporal profile of VH band and VV band seperately…
Also need to do paddy classsification from the VH combination and VV combination seperately. hence for that i need to have images containing VH band to be layer stacked and images containing VV band to be layer stacked and do the classification.

So as I mentioned you could implement this step in the beginning of your concatenation, and later on continue to your path of processing

Ok thankyou for your suggestions. :smile:

I reread your first post

If you mean by that to create layer stack for all products VH, and VV all together in one stack, you could try that out aftermath SPLIT, and let see your results.

In case you used GRD data, S1 TOPS Split is not required. You can simply terrain correct your images and use
Radar > Coregistration > Stack Tools > Create Stack
to combine all products in one.

Yes, that is true, I’m talking about SLC, even our colleague didn’t mention this in his post, but always my mind goes directly to SLC.

Thankyou all… Am working with GRD data, and it worked well…