Creating a map of the SMOS L3 band using the Snap toolbox

Using the SMOS satellite, I want to show the Soil Freezing and Thawing Status in the L3 band in the form of a map. In the screenshot, I downloaded the NC file showing the soil freezing and thawing status of January for each year. I want to show the change by mapping them one after the other. What else can I add? Could it be a time series? My goal is to show the change in frozen soil in the North Pole. can you help me?

I believe the SMOS Tbx is way older than this data, so it probably doesn’t have native support for it (@marpet?) but these are just netCDF files so you can try any regular netCDF aware tool to obtain your goals…

Here’s some examples from a quick google search:

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Yes, SMOS Box is a lot older, but it got updated last year for Level-1 and Lvel-2 data. Level-3 was never supported.
I don’t know these files, which @abdullahhuzeyfe refers to, but as you say Cristiano, these files can be handled in a generic way.

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