Creating a "Picture" out of masks


I created my own masks for ice classification and used it on different Sentinel2 products. And I have around 5 classes. I can have a look at them with the band open in SNAP, but I would like to have a picture with my classes in different colors, because I want to compare them with the picture.
To make it clear: If you open only the mask in one product you see the area which is mapped in black and white and I want something like that with more then one mask.

Any ideas how to create this with SNAP?

Thank you,

you could

  • open all five of them and display them side-by-side using the window tiling:
    You could also give different colors in the colour manipulation tab
  • display a RGB out of three masks wich copares them visually
  • add all 5 masks up in the band maths dialogue and see where they match (5 and 0) and which areas area only partly covered by masks (2-4)

You can combine all masks in one band with the band maths. Use an expression like: mask_1 || mask_2 || mask_3 and so on.
Afterwards you can you the Mask Manager and enable all the masks on the newly created view. You should already see the masks in the Mask Manager. In the Mask Manager you can also change the colour for each of the masks