Creating DEM

I am new in S-1 Toolbox and want to know how to creat DEM using L1 GRD product in Toolbox?It is important for me.Thanks.

To generate a DEM you need Single Look Complex (SLC) products which contains the phase information.
You should download S1A_IW_SLC_* files from SciHub (
Then you may follow the online tutorial without applying the step of removing Topographic Phase.

Thank you.You mean I can’t generate DEM by using Sentinel-1 GRD product?
And I want to ask why I can’t subset SLC product in Toolbox?

Indeed, GRDs are detected products that do not contain phase information for any kind of InSAR processing.
Sentinel-1 data are acquired in TOPS mode which is not similar to stripmap acquisition mode implemented in ERS/ENVISAT data.
Each SLC product is composed by three overlapping subswaths and each sub-swath consist of overlapping bursts. The burst overlapping area is “seen” by different angles so you cannot simply compose a unique image and subset it.
In the upcoming releases of the toolbox you will be able to select bursts (one or multiple subsequent ones, even from different neighboring subswaths) to process a smaller region. In any case, the smallest image part that you can process is one burst.

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Thank you very much.As you said since the GRD products don’t contain phase information,can I do research by using them?Such as extract moisture information.

Soil moisture estimation using SAR images is very difficult, there is no simple method that could be implemented and would give reliable results.

You advice me to follow the online tutorial when generate DEM using Sentinel-1 SLC products.But Sentinel-1 data are acquired in TOPS mode,the online tutorial you given to me is used by stripmap acquisition mode data.Should I follow the tutorial


I am creating the DEM for a project of mine and I keep getting this error

Error.pdf (99.0 KB)

does anybody know how I can fix this issue?


Hello Alice,
I know this is an old message but I would like to know if you were able to obtain DEM following those tutorials ? Since I am starting to do the same thing. Thank for your help

Hi Alice and others,

This may be an old thread but I am interested what results did you get after following the tutorials? Which tutorial is the right one?
Also, @isuf, I believe your question got an answer in approximately 2 years but for all the other people around, POEs (Precise Orbit Ephemerides) can be downloaded from here: (