Creating Interferograms and Ground Deformation Maps

Hi everyone,

I want to use InSAR to create a time series of the surface movement of the contents in a tailings storage facility as a monitoring application. If my AOI is only very small, is this still feasible? Am I able to cut a subset off the full scene and still apply InSAR? What image processing techniques do I need to know to create an Interferogram and a ground deformation map.

I am new and interested in this area and would love a bit of guidance from you all in how I can go about doing this.


please have a look at the post of @MCG which is a good explanation on what to do if you are new to radar and want to start InSAR analyses.

and also:
ESA provides nice explanations on interferometry:

Here you will find three documents:

 **Part A** is for readers with a good knowledge of optical and microwave remote sensing, to acquaint them with interferometric SAR image processing and interpretation.
**Part B** provides a practical approach and the technical background for beginners with InSAR processing.
**Part C** contains a more mathematical approach, for a deeper understanding of the interferometric process. It includes themes such as super resolution and ERS/Envisat interferometry.