Crop classification using SENTINEL-1A SLC data

i want to classify a SENTINEL-1A SLC data using using SNAP.
So far i have done H-alpha dual pol decomposition and im using H-alpha dual pol classifier but it’s not giving me any result.
what should i do now?

can you please explain a bit more what “not giving any result” means?

Did you already see this topic?

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i have done the following,
split-calibration-deburst-c2 matrix-speckle-h alpha dual pol decomposition
now im trying to classify the image using unsupervised wishart classifier.
the process is going for hour and hour but not giving any classified out put.
what is the problem?

any suggestions,?

have you tried running it on a small subset to see if it technically works?

yea it worked. but it’s giving only 5 or 6 classes and i want to differentiate the crop type like paddy,wheat,maize etc.
any suggestions?

then you need to create distinct training samples for each of your target classes.

every processes (split,calibrate,deburst) before subset take a lots of time. how can i reduce it?

by selecting smaller parts in the Split operator.

Also chaining subsequent operations in a graph will save time as less I/O takes place. But do not overdo it and create “monster” graphs as they use more memory.

i’m taking only iw-3 and burst 1-2.
still it takes so much time and some time showing an error “can not create data buffer”.
what shoul i do?

i tried it, but it only processing the first image then stop.

i have 8 sets of images and their c-2 matrix.
which method should i use to get a better classification result?

i have classified the image using k-means method.
there is some error between green gram and brinjal class.
how can i solve it?

“some error” is not very comprehensible :slight_smile:
Please give more informations on your processing steps and your error. Use screenshots, for example.

After H-alpha decomposition I’m unable to run either of the two unsupervised classifiers for dual pol! Throws an error saying dual pol src expected.

What is your input data?

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Throwing an error for H & α images but running on C2 matrix.

I meant to ask what satellite data you used for this? Sentinel-1, TerraSAR-X, ENVISAT…

Sentinel 1 IW SLC