Custome snap plugin - how to add our quick look image to world viewmap

I’m looking base classes which method I should implement to add quickLook to world view map in snap
I extends SARReader

can you please give an example?
It is not quite clear to me what you mean by “base classes” and “wordwide map”

yo can see at the screenshot that world view tab on the button display quick view for the image using TerraSarX products.
I would like to have the same for our custom product
Also I mean by “Base class” ==> SARReader class or even AbstractProductReader

But there is no quicklook view in the TSX screenshot you post? I guess this is what you meant(?)

You are not allowed to change things in SNAP where you are unable to test for the consequences, in this case ensuring that nothing related to the hundreds of SAR products we support breaks down.

I understood that you want to be able to show the footprint of your IceEye Product above similar to the TerraSAR-X product. In the reader, if you define the geocoding for the product then the worldmap will show the footprint. Have a look at the other readers for an example of how to implement the getGeoCoding() function. It will depend on what is available in the product files. You may need to create a TiePointGeoCoding or a CRSGeoCoding.

Thanks all a lot for your responses, actually yes that’s what I want,
I figure out the issue it was related for not setting variables attributes to the origMetadataRoot
now it works :slight_smile:
Also i had wrong understand that quick look image should display in the world view not only the bounds