Cygwin64 - snaphu: command not found

About two months ago I was able to install Cygwin and SNAPHU to run the Unwrapping process. However due to storage space issues I cleared a lot of things off of my desktop and downloads, and that included my original SNAPHU download. I redownloaded SNAPHU from here: saved it, extracted it in the directory where my unwrapped files were saved. I run Cygwin to start the SNAPHU process but when I insert the command “snaphu -f snaphu.conf Phase_ifg_VH_06Jan2021_30Jan2021.snaphu.img 25689” I’m now getting an error message “snaphu: command not found”.

Can anyone assist with the process and maybe help me find if I missed a step in the download process?

The page you linked leads to the linux binaries which have to be compiled first.
But if you use Windows there is no need to use cygwin and the linux scripts any more. You can download the compiled exe and call it from the windows command line:

Thank you for your response, I was downloading the wrong file and what you posted was the correct file I needed to download. Thank you so much for your help!