Dashed lines in images after mosaicing

After mosaicing 3 Sentinel (1C) images there were some black dashed lines turning up close to the edges of the individual images.

Any ideas on how to get rid of them?

Which GeoCoding are you using?
It could be that this is caused by the inaccurate tie-point GeoCoding. You can switch to a more accurate pixel-based GeoCoding in the options. BUt the processing will take longer.


1.i am also getting dashed line in sentinel 1 grd images.how to remove that
2.and after subsetting the images and applying land mask using shape file i am getting the lat. long. information outside the mask as if the subset images is present. is their any way to remove that

can you please show a screenshot of the black lines?

have you tried to increase the “feathering” value at the mosaicing step?

how to take feathering value?

in the SAR Mosaic module


It is the number of pixels at the edges to be used for both images