Data analysis of sentinel 1

I have used sentinel 1 images to assess the LOS displacement of my study area. The output i have received is more of like an continuous stream of pixels, but rather i would like to get results has individual points. I have attached the sample image here. Plz tell me how to derive the LOS displacement in that particular way.

We cannot tell what went wrong just by looking at this image :slight_smile:

You will have to tell us a bit more about what you exactly did.

I would like to get my output like the one present in the above image. How do i that…? Also when i calculated the displacement using phase to displacement tool the unit comes in meters, i need my result in mm. Plz do explain it for me.

the image you posted was probably done with Persistent Scatterer Interferometry. SNAP can only do ‘conventional’ DInSAR.

About the units, please have a careful look at this topic: Subsidence map in 3d view

can u tell through which software can the persistant scatterer interferometry be processed.

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