Dealing with the Level-0 Data of Sentinel 1a

The series of sentinel toolbox seem not capable of managing Level-0 data. Are there specific tools for Sentinel Level-0 data? If not? How and where could we get the auxiliary data for the Level-0 data processing?

The toolbox will not be processing level-0 products. You will need focusing software to do this. ESA won’t be distributing the ground segment processor due to licensing issues.
If anyone is interested to write an open source focusing processor for the toolbox that would be great. Algorithm documentation is available in the Sentinel Online document library.

Thanks for your reply! Although the decoding of the level-0 products could be achieved according to the documentation you mentioned in the Sentinel Online document library, the ‘AUX_PP1 - L1 Processor Parameters Auxiliary Data File’,the ‘AUX_CAL - Calibration Auxiliary Data File’,‘AUX_INS - Instrument Auxiliary Data File’ as well as the ‘Internal - Internal Parameter File’ still seem in need for calibration and further quantitative analysis. These auxiliary files are mentioned in ‘Sentinel-1 Level 1 Detailed Algorithm Definition.pdf’, whereas are not accessible. Are these files also under the licensing, or else have they been distributed by some way? By the way, as a new learner I hope you could tell a little about the meaning of the focusing of level-0 product without sufficient and accurate calibration.

This you would need to ask to the ESA ground segment via EOHelp


Can I see L0 data in SNAP tool?

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I haven’t tried in snap,yet in s1tbx I didn’t find corresponding tools to decode L 0 data.

Thank you. Do you know the way how to show the L0 data in Octave/Matlab?

Sure, there must be a way to extract complex L0 data in processable format (.dat or .mat).
Would anyone make suggestions about it.