Define a buffer/offset around shapefile

Hi friends
I have a shapefile from a city
I want to define a 10 km buffer around this shape file.
How can I define this buffer?
Thanks all

Hi Mohammad,

I am not sure what do you mean with buffer, do you want to add like a circle +10km centered in the city?


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Hi thanks for your response
I meen buffer around the shape of a vector file(city shape file), not specific shape like circle.
Thanks @MartinoF

Hi @Mohammad_Gh ,

So take the external shape of your shape file and an offset of +10km?


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Thanks, exactly yes

Hi @Mohammad_Gh

I looked around and I believe that snap does not have this functionality as it is not a trivial task.
The simplest way would probably be to write a python script that:

  1. Find the center of the city shape (or you select/set one)
  2. Find all the external points of your shape file and project them out of +10km

However if the shape file is complex find all the external point could take very long.
I will try to write a simple script and I will post it.


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Thanks for your response mr @MartinoF
Thanks a lot

Hi @Mohammad_Gh,

I made a small script that takes as input a shape file and an offset (the offset is not really in km as the Geographical coordinate system is not in km) and create a new shapefile containing the offset geometry.

You can find the script here: github or attached to the post (but I will only update the github one)

To execute the script you will need python 3, pyshp, numpy and matplotlib (this is only for the visualization).

This is the result from a shape file with around 40’000 points:
To execute the script type:


The script will create a new file containing the offset polygon named:


If you want to visualize the shape before saving it add the argument --showplots=true.

Martino (4.2 KB)


Hi @MartinoF
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
By trial and error, I was able to create the buffer.
I wish you and your team success.

yours sincerely

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