Deforestation with Sentinel 1

In your experience, which model do you think performs better for monitoring deforestation?


Why not ask google?

I could find several articles about deforestation in google… I am sure that with a bit of reading you can probably understand the merits of each of those…

I know this is probably not what you were expecting but you are simply asking for expert opinion without expressing any indication of your own ideas or outcomes of any previous analysis or research… this touches my netiquette nerve… sorry about that.

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The choice of an appropriate model usually depends on the situation. There are also practical considerations of data requirements and execution resources that may rule out a model that would otherwise be superior. It is impossible for others to know all the factors that apply in your situation, so in general it is important to understand the tradeoffs made by each model so you can judge for yourself. It is often helpful to compare results from more than one model and try to understand the differences, or discover that the differences are not significant (in which case most perfer the model that needs the least resources).

To my understanding, the only real difference between both workflows is the conversion to dB scale.
Yet, both are just for pre-processing and do not relate to the identification of forest.

So I agree, maybe @eleeeel can clarify his intention so we can help more effective.