Deformation analysis

Dear All,
I need your suggestions. I’m currently using the DinSar technique and I have obtained the deformation values for my study area. I want to analyze the relationship between deformation and land use/land cover and the geological formations in the area. How can I go about this?

Your help will be much appreciated.

What kind of data did you get? Are they time series values of multiple single interferograms?

This could be done statistically, and this what I suggest to you, by taking any phenomena of LULC, and geological formation and connect this in the simple statistic way linear (putting in mind that linear is the first correlation but it doesn’t always serves the demand) to investigate the behavior of the relationship.

The other way, I don’t recommend is, theoretically, by explaining the displacement time series change according to the change of LULC and also according to the types of geological formation in the AOI, horizontally and vertically.

To get more robust results, I’d suggest to you doing PSI technique, in this way it’s very possible to detect and investigate the relationships between the aforementioned variables and observations.

I did not use multiple interferograms I obtained the deformation from a single epoch.
I ran the first correlation linear for the displacement and the individual land cover classes but I was not obtaining significant results.
Incase of nonlinear relationships how should I tackle this?

First thing please take a look at this simple correlation from my PhD dissertation,


What are the interval period?

In general if you’re doing your Master, I think this not acceptable, one interferogram doesn’t give a clear and robust idea about the displacement phenomena in the AOI,

Yes, this is an expected because the lack of displacement of observations’ values.

concerning applying linear or non-linear or any others, first you should test the model, and for this issue plenty of examples are available by using the google search.