Deleting Resorb files in .snap


Noticing an alarming decrease in my hard disk drive over the past week, my directory search yielded a large number of S1A_OPER_AUX_Resorb_… zip files. If I’ve already processed the images to say a calibrated and georegistered kml file, am I safe in deleting these zip files? Is the worse that happens I have to reprocess the imagery?

best and thanks, MEH

these are the orbit files of satellite scenes which are automatically downloaded in the “Apply Orbit File” module. As your data is already processed, you could theoretically delete all of them. However, if you wanted to repeat the preprocessing for the scene one day the files would be downloaded again.

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It’s safe to delete anything in the .snap folder. The worst that can happen is that the software will have to download something again for your scene.

Orbit files are very small. The DEM tiles may be using more of your space.