DEM Assisted Coregistration, Artifacts

Hi there

I’m working right now with the StripMap Modus (S6) of Piton de la Fournaise:
SNAP 3.0.2
Windows 7 with 32GB RAM

I tried the DEM Assisted Coreg, but I get some artifacts:
I tried the srtm1 and srtm3 when coregistrating --> The result: this artifacts are only displayed in the coregisteres slave image!
When I do the Interferogram, TopoPhaseRemoval, Filtering etc. the artifacts will still remain…

I mean, I can also perform the standard “coregistration”, but I guess the DEM Assistant Ccoregistration is more desirable, if I want to work with SRTM1

Here are some examples, may be one of you guys ran already into this problem:

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Increase the tile overlap % to 100% should remove these artifacts

@lveci what is the meaning of the tile overlap? Or in other words what is the most safe value to be used in an operational scenario?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry, it’s not a tile overlap, it’s a DEM tile extension. Given the currently target data tile to process in the SAR domain, SNAP requests a DEM area in the DEM domain. If there is high elevation it’s possible that not enough of DEM was requested and we see these triangle artifacts. Using 100% will extend the DEM request by 100% of the size of the current tile to process.

Sorry, I have the same problem
also by using the tile extension of 100%.
Any news about this issue? Thanks in advance