DEM-Assisted problems when using an external DEM

Hi all,

I am trying to co-register two S1 GRD images using the DEM-Assisted Coregistration. I want to do that using two different DEMs, i) SRTM 1 arc sec (downloaded directly from SNAP) and ii) an external DEM of 5m GSD.

I have followed the following workflow:,

  • apply orbit file
  • subset
  • DEM-Assisted Coregistration
  • TC

I have not found problems when using SRTM, but unfortunatelly, when I try to use my external DEM of 5m, a lot of problems appears:

  • Java heap space
  • GC overhead limit exceeded…
  • No results were obtained and the software collapsed

I have increased the Xms and Xmx parameters in the snap.conf file (my PC has 32Gb of RAM) and also the cache size (from 1024 to 4096)…

I also have tryed to coregister different subsets of the two images instead of whole the image… but nothing!

I work with Windows 10 pro for Workstations
Processor: Intel ® Xeon ® W-2145 CPU @ 3.70Ghz
RAM : 32 GB
Operative sistem of 64 bits, x64

I do not know what else can I do in order to obtain the results.

thanks in advance