DEM generation2


i try to generate the DEM following the next steps:

Step3–Viewa Band
Step4–Co-registerthe images
Step6– TOPSDeburstStep9–PhaseFiltering
Step7- unwrapping TOPO 20*20

the result is :

and Global Mapper visualization :

what is the error?

What is the temporal and perpendicular baseline of your stack?

C-band data rapidly decorrelates over vegetation.

Where is your data located?

Please also read these comments on the limited suitability of Sentinel-1 for DEM generation: Phase to elevation error

Mexico City is the zone

Btemp is way too long - try 12 days next.

and the baseline is correct?

Somewhat longer would be better.

you can use the ASF Baseline tool to find images with perpendicular baselines (ideally 150-300 meters for DEM generation, but Sentinel-1 doesn’t offer this very often).